My name is Stevi Deter, and I’ll be your bit slinger for today.

I’ve been coding professionally since the mid-1990’s. I started maintaining relational databases in FoxPro. After thinking this world wide web thing wasn’t going to amount to much, I finally taught myself HTML and created my first web page back when inline gifs were bleeding edge.

Amazing how things change.

I’m now the Director of the Software Development Engineering Practice at Mantis Technology Group, Inc., in Kirkland, WA, where I code in Java and C# (and anything else that’s needed). Current passions include learning more effective refactoring and efficient ways of implementing test driven development (TDD). I like to answer questions on Stack Overflow. I’m involved with the Seattle area ALT.NET group. I am a co-founder of the Seattle Girl Geek Dinners, as well.

Aside from this blog, there are many places you can find me. Look me up on Twitter, or check out my Pinboard, which is the best place to find links to my other online resources and learn what I’ve been finding on the web.

Or just drop me a line.

Thanks for visiting!

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